Pre Engineering-Fresher Course



Course Description:

This course bridges the gap between the board exam and the engineering entrance examination.

After the completion of class XI, it’s natural for you to decide the future course of action. If you are keen on becoming on Engineering professional through a prestigious IIT, we take charge by lending you a helping hand and guiding you through it. The Class XII physics syllabus is covered in tandem with target IIT-JEE examination. The Class XI Physics will be refreshed by touching upon important topic and points required at the competition level. This course prepares you in a diligent manner with concise lectures, daily problem practice, periodic unit wise tests followed by whole syllabus test on the competition pattern.

At this stage we need a whole hearted endeavour from the students so that are can help them quality for the prestigious IIT exams and come out with flying colour in the board examination.

Success in any competitive exam is result of consistent heard work strong determination, In-depth subject knowledge, proper planning and time management; Right temperature and Positive thinking.

“There will never be another now, I will make them most of TODAY”