Pre Engineering-Target Course


For XII appearing / Passed students

Course Description:

If you have decided that you will settle for nothing but the best then you – the XII pass student – are perfectly suited to this course. You might have realized by now that you have everything – intelligence, capability and willpower, but that you lack focused guidance for IIT-JEE preparation and an academically stimulating environment. At this juncture, we offer you a helping hand. Come, resurrect your confidence, strengthen your foundation and get into the top gear for IIT-JEE preparation with a course that is matchless in subject knowledge teaching structure. This course is specially designed for those who have make a wrong choice of classes or have not been able to make it to the IIT with a good rank and want to attempt again. This course offers on refresher view of XI & XII class syllabus and meticulous and intensive coaching and guidance to the aspirants for the competitive exams in the subject of physics through regular lectures problems discussion sessions unit wise assignments and tests. In addition to this the students are taught time saving problems solving techniques and tips on how to attempt the question paper to maximize their chances of success at this critical cross road. It is a do or die situation for such students and we, on our part, make every possible effort to help such students achieve their dreams by providing them extra individual attention and more strict discipline and testing norms.

“There will never be another now, I will make them most of MY SELF”